Episode 20

Published on:

25th Nov 2019

How To Put On Unforgettable Live Events - With Phil Mershon

Phil Mershon is the director of events at Social Media Examiner, putting on events such as Social Media Marking World, Video Marketing Summit and Facebook Ads Summit. He's the host of man in the pew show. He's a saxophonist and he just understands what it takes to create incredible and unforgettable live experiences.

In this episode we discuss the biggest industry event of the year and what Phil does to make it better than anyone else, what brings people back year after year and what you can do as an event organiser to achieve attendee happiness.

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Welcome to the Funnel Academy show with Gavin Bell, the weekly show that brings you incredibly actionable advice on all things digital marketing & marketing funnels.
The Funnel Academy Show with Gavin Bell, is a weekly marketing show that brings you smiles, laughs & incredibly actionable advice on all things digital marketing & marketing funnels.

If you're a small business looking to get more clients, you're going to love this short-form show.

This is mostly a solo-show, but Gavin is occasionally joined by the biggest names in business to share their wisdom and insights.

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